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Wrekin Walk 2018







On a cloudy but dry 1 April 2018, we drove to Wellington (Salop) for an 8 mile walk around and over The Wrekin, led by Alison. Parking in a rough car park in Ercall Wood, we set off up Ercall Hill itself; at a height of 140m (460 ft) it provided a useful taster for the Wrekin itself. 







The climb to the top was pretty stiff but interesting; because a huge chunk of the hill was blasted out to provide road stone for the nearby A5, it revealed rocks from the earliest beginnings of life on this planet some 500 million years ago, when this part of Britain was on a shoreline 60 degrees south of the Equator. 

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We took in the view from the top before going back down again through impressive woods and past the old rifle range....... 





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before our coffee break near the reservoirs at the foot of the hill, including sweeties from Alison and special Easter biscuits baked by Judith.

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After coffee we set off through the woods in the foothills of The Wrekin......

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with pleasant views to the west, including snow on the tops of the Berwyn Mountains over 35 miles away..........








 before the difficult ascent through the woods on the north-west side of The Wrekin, starting with a smile on everybody's face..... 

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and ending less humorously!



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The views from halfway up included the hills around Church Stretton (left) and the disused Ironbridge power station.

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 Gayle took a chance for a breather and a quick drink of water.

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There were also good views over the farmland to the East. 

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  Hayley enjoyed getting to the trig point at the top (407 m/1335ft). 

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We all made it to the top – some more exhausted than others – before investigating the very helpful topograph installed to commemorate the Queen’s Silver Jubilee. We then found a sheltered piece of woodland in which to enjoy our lunch with a view. 

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During the iron age there was a hill fort at the summit, built by the Celtic Cornovii tribe, who called The Wrekin their capital. 

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We then carried on down the hill to a junction, where we went That Way to our first bit of field walking. 









but before long we were walking back through the edge of Lime Kiln Wood, Tony is shown here looking into the associated quarry......  


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before walking down towards the M54 and through Ercall Wood again to the car park, just avoiding the rain!  Thanks to Alison and Lesley for a great walk.





Walking Etiquette

At the recent AGM, different aspects of walking etiquette were raised by several people, and it’s worth restating a few rules, just to make sure that things go smoothly in future and that we all look after each other.

1) Leaders – PLEASE don’t make walks significantly longer or harder than they are shown in the programme. If you don’t know how long or hard they are ask Phil to check them for you with Memory Map.

2) Leaders – When you stop to allow people at the back to catch up after a hard stretch PLEASE give those people a chance to rest before starting again.

3) PLEASE DON’T walk in front of the leader, unless you’ve asked first. The leader has to make sure that the slowest walkers are in sight, so can’t always go as fast as you’d like.

4) When you reach a turning point PLEASE make sure that you can see the people behind you and that they know where you’re going.  If possible the leader should post a ‘sentry’ to make sure everybody follows.

5) Similarly, when you pass through a gate in a field with animals in PLEASE DON’T leave it open, relying on people far behind to close it.  Wait, or post a sentry to look after it.

6) Finally, PLEASE be prepared to use your car when you go on the short walks.  The success of the scheme is going to rely on this.

Thursday, August 16, 2018