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Minutes 180116

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Minutes of the meeting held on 16 January 2018

Present: Phil Cheesewright Chairman, Ed Watson Secretary, Tony Grady, Kevin McManus, Jo & Peter Trodden

1 Apologies: Jean Rollins-Head

2 Minutes of the previous meeting: minutes of the meeting held on 5 December were accepted.

3 Matters arising: Tony had heard from Nigel and had organised a work party for Monday 8 January; unfortunately this had to be cancelled. Ed had emailed all HF Lulworth holiday participants regarding deposits. Ed had also advised HF that we would stick to the initial 8/9 September dates for the Sedbergh break. The Hartshorne walks did not take place due to the postponed Christmas lunch taking place on 7 January. Anne still to confirm the beer & skittles evening. Mac advised that the Abnalls Lane problem could be solved (see below). Ed had sent out the FoWW press release. Ed had heard back from Damian Thantrey re the Lichfield Festival walk (see below). Ed was waiting to hear from Councillor Carolyn Gittings. Ed advised that Hassness Country House were only doing guided walks in 2019; it was agreed that Ed should continue dealing with Ramblers Holidays on this basis. Jean had produced the ICE document; however Tony had already distributed a version on card at the Christmas lunch.

4 Holiday breaks:

May 2018 – HF Lulworth Cove:  15 members had already paid the £75 deposit, 6 more to come by 28 January.

September 2018 – HF Sedbergh: 11 members had paid the holding deposit and Ed had sent a cheque for £250 to HF. Anne Pitman had also expressed a wish to come but needed to pay the holding deposit.

Hassness Spring 2019: Ed to liaise with Ramblers Holidays and advise options and costs etc

5 Officers’ reports:

  1. a)Walks programme: this had not appeared on the Group website until 3 January. Tony advised that this had been due to IT problems with Centre. The programme to April was now up on the website and Tony would liaise with Lesley nearer that time to ensure that future walks would appear on time in advance. Ed advised that Damian Thantrey, the Lichfield Festival 2018 Artistic Director, had confirmed our walk would take place at 1.30 p.m. on Tuesday 10 July, and would be in touch with us again after Easter. Dr Susan Kilby was still waiting to hear from the BBC about her proposals.
  2. b)Social events: NTR
  3. c)Footpaths and environment: Tony advised that the next work party would take place on Monday 19 or 26 February. Phil, Jo and Mac had discovered an alternative route for the Heart of England Way which would mean much less walking on Abnalls Lane. Phil to map/describe, then Ed to communicate with Brian Keates at the HoEW Association.
  4. d)Finance: Tony advised that there had been no change to the last figures reported (£627 General, £115 Social)
  5. e)Publicity: NTR
  6. f)Membership: Mac advised that this now stood at 117 plus 2 pending. Three new members had joined.

6 Staffordshire Area news: Graham Evans had sent an update on the SCC paths maintenance proposals. Judith had attended the Area meeting and advised that the 2018 Area AGM would take place on a Sunday. It had also been proposed that Group Chairmen might take on the role of Area Chairman on a rota basis.

7 Group website: NTR

8 Correspondence: Ed had received new membership enquiries separately from Margaret Dorsett and Elaine Penn. Ed had heard from Councillor Carolyn Gittings but was awaiting further details. Phil had been emailed by Anthony Poulton-Smith about the possibility of his giving a talk to the Group. It was suggested that this could be done at the Group AGM in October, Phil to discuss further with him in due course. Ed and Phil had separately responded to a survey from Centre about the FoWW. Phil had been advised that Vanessa Griffiths’ newsletter was now being emailed from Centre but only to volunteers.

9 Any other business: Mac raised the question of next year’s Group Christmas meal. After discussion it was agreed that we should go back to The Globe in Tamworth, but that we could be more flexible with days of the week and whether we go for lunch or evening meal.

10: Date of next meeting: 10.00 a.m. on 27 February 2018 at Ed & Jean’s, 12 Warren Croft Handsacre WS15 4TB

The meetingended at 10.50 and Phil was thanked for his hospitality.



Walking is Healthy

A recent study of 250,000 commuters showed that walking 6 miles a week is good for you, cutting the riskof cancer and heart disease. See BBC Health News

Walking Etiquette

At the recent AGM, different aspects of walking etiquette were raised by several people.  Just to make sure that things go smoothly in future and that we all look after each other:

1) Leaders – PLEASE don’t make walks significantly longer or harder than they are shown in the programme. If you don’t know how long or hard they are ask Phil to check them for you with Memory Map.

2) Leaders – When you stop to allow people at the back to catch up after a hard stretch PLEASE give those people a chance to rest before starting again.

3) PLEASE DON’T walk in front of the leader, unless you’ve asked first. The leader has to make sure that the slowest walkers are in sight, so can’t always go as fast as you’d like.

4) When you reach a turning point PLEASE make sure that you can see the people behind you and that they know where you’re going.  If possible the leader should post a ‘sentry’ to make sure everybody follows.

5) Similarly, when you pass through a gate in a field with animals in PLEASE DON’T leave it open, relying on people far behind to close it.  Wait, or post a sentry to look after it.

6) Finally, PLEASE be prepared to use your car when you go on the short walks.  The success of the scheme is going to rely on this.


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