Lichfield and District Group

including Tamworth

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Minutes of the meeting held on 10 April 2018

Present: Phil Cheesewright  Chairman, Ed Watson Secretary, Tony Grady, Kevin McManus, Jean Rollins-Head, Alison Sadler, Jo & Peter Trodden, Jenny Wilson

1 Apologies: none.

2 Minutes of the previous meeting: minutes of the meeting held on 27 February 2018 were approved.

3 Matters arising: Tony advised that the proposed beer & skittles evening had been cancelled due to insufficient interest. Phil was maintaining contact with Antony Poulton-Smith.

4 Holiday breaks:

May 2018 - HF Lulworth Cove: all payments had been made in full to HF. Compensation was being given for last year’s planned visit problems, so a refund would be provided by Ed to all attendees (Jo & Peter, Tony & Anne, Phil & Judith, Alan & Pauline, Jean & Ed, Stuart, John S, Jenny, June, Anne P, Muriel, Alison, Lesley, Mac, Bill & Margaret).

Phil, Mac and Alison had been planning various walks, including a short walk for the Monday afternoon/evening. These plans could be supplemented by the walks in the HF Lulworth Discovery Zone, and were subject to weather conditions at the time.

September 2018 – HF Sedbergh: Ed had requested the balance of the deposit to come from the relevant 12 members by the end of April.

Spring 2019 – Hassness House: Ed awaiting contact from Amber Parish-Smith at Ramblers Holidays.

5 Officers’ reports:

  1. Walks programme: there had been several changes to the initial plan for the Jan –Jun programme this year. Whilst the group website had been updated accordingly, future amendments would also be emailed to regular walkers. Muriel’s walk on 29 April would nowbe on Cannock Chase. Discussion took place about the lack of short walks, Phil advised that few people had offered to lead, however, he would discuss with June and Bill to see if they would organise any for the next programme. Ed offered to lead a Friday evening pub walk in July. Alison would apply to get logged on as an editor.
  2. Social events: NTR
  3. Footpaths & environment: Ed had received an update from Carolyn Gittings regarding the Hammerwich Clear-up, which was planned for the first week of May, with a follow-up PR event on 18 May. Ed to reply indicating that various members would be happy to help and asking for more details.
  4. Finance: Tony advised that the General fund stood at £613 and the Social fund at £115
  5. Publicity: Ed had received information from Centre about the upcoming national Walk About festival, 26 May - 3 June 2018. A template had been provided to help leaders identify and describe ‘Hidden Gems’. Mac and Tony to advise Ed by mid-May so that he could organise the PR about their walks.
  6. Membership: 113 + 4 pending (including Tony Bell).


6 Staffordshire Area news: At the meeting of 5th April the main issues discussed were:

  1. Preparation for General Council – falls have been noted in membership, income and number of groups. Central Office staff have increased by ten.
  2. Cuts in Staffordshire footpath maintenance.
  • Data Protection (see item 9).

7 Group website: The website had been updated with a new version of Joomla. Phil had uploaded articles on the Blithfield walk and the Wrekin walk, and the new Privacy Statement, as well as updating the walks programme.

8 Correspondence:

  1. Lichfield Festival 2018 – our Ramblers’ walk had appeared in the Festival programme, to take place on Tuesday 10 July.
  2. Ramblers would be holding a Volunteer Roadshow at Shrewsbury Town FC on 9 June. Mac had already booked the Rights Of Way workshops.
  • Ramblers had advised that Hastings Old Town had been voted Britain’s Best walking Neighbourhood.
  1. Hayley Jarman had enquired about joining The Wrekin walk with a friend (and had subsequently turned up). Sonia Daniel had also contacted us but wanted to join a walking club that allows dogs.
  2. Nick Parrock had contacted us about his book, see
  3. Ramblers Holidays had advised that they were not charging single room supplements at the moment.
  • Phil had been contacted by the Biosphere Reserve Feasibility Study regarding a Green Corridor between Cannock Chase and Sutton Park.

9 Any other business: Ramblers had sent us Guidance for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This new law would have implications for the way in which members’ communications are carried out. Phil kindly offered to be the responsible person for the Group.  He explained that the issues which concern us immediately are:

  • Maintenance of the ‘Managing Personal Data’ template.
  • Volunteers on committees and walks leaders should have their consent to publish details recorded on the ‘Publishing Volunteer Details’ form.
  • Not contacting members with newsletters etc. until permission has been organised by central office and included in the members’ database. (This does not prevent the membership secretary issuing a welcome to new members).
  • In published minutes named persons must give their consent for publication and this should be recorded (see end of these minutes). Old minutes containing personal data should be destroyed.
  • The membership list should be retained by the membership secretary and not circulated. Only the most recent issue should be retained. For the purposes of circulating walks lists etc. only the relevant data should be transferred.
  • Walks lists should be destroyed after a month.
  • A central list of emergency data should not be kept. Each person should carry their own ICE data.
  • The website should include a link to Ramblers’ Privacy Policy. This has been done.
  • When booking holidays or coach trips attenders should be made aware that their data will be passed on to the travel firm. Data should be destroyed a month after the holiday.
  • Don’t use data for non-Ramblers purposes.
  • Incidents on walks should be reported to head office and local copies NOT kept.
  • Photography of children requires their parents’ written permission.

Written consent is required for  (a) photography of adults for commercial or marketing purposes  (b)  photography of one or two identifiable individuals (c) photographs where their name or other details are published.

Verbal consent is required for other situations.

10 Date of next meeting: 10.00 a.m. Tuesday 5 June 2018 at Jenny’s, 24 Hillside Close, Tamworth B79 8PA.

The meeting closed at 11.15 a.m. and Jo and Peter were thanked for their hospitality.

These minutes are to be published on the website.  All present consented to their names being made known.

Walking Etiquette

At the recent AGM, different aspects of walking etiquette were raised by several people, and it’s worth restating a few rules, just to make sure that things go smoothly in future and that we all look after each other.

1) Leaders – PLEASE don’t make walks significantly longer or harder than they are shown in the programme. If you don’t know how long or hard they are ask Phil to check them for you with Memory Map.

2) Leaders – When you stop to allow people at the back to catch up after a hard stretch PLEASE give those people a chance to rest before starting again.

3) PLEASE DON’T walk in front of the leader, unless you’ve asked first. The leader has to make sure that the slowest walkers are in sight, so can’t always go as fast as you’d like.

4) When you reach a turning point PLEASE make sure that you can see the people behind you and that they know where you’re going.  If possible the leader should post a ‘sentry’ to make sure everybody follows.

5) Similarly, when you pass through a gate in a field with animals in PLEASE DON’T leave it open, relying on people far behind to close it.  Wait, or post a sentry to look after it.

6) Finally, PLEASE be prepared to use your car when you go on the short walks.  The success of the scheme is going to rely on this.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018