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Staunton Harold Walk 19 Feb 2017

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This walk, led by Jo and Peter, started from the beautiful grounds of Staunton Harold Hall, near Ashby de la Zouch.  Lying in a green valley is the privately owned house, the church (National Trust) and the stables, now converted to craft shops, workshops, gallery and tearoom.


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As it does lie in a valley, naturally we started off by doing a little gentle hill climbing  and after reaching the top, walked along the Staunton Ridgeway.


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The path has a number of unusual features including a ‘Look through the keyhole’ in the stone wall through which Peter could look back at the church.  Honestly  - that's what he was doing!



5 Small









 Also, there are 13 stiles, each bearing incised lettering. Stiles 1 and 3 bear a monogram and the date 1994, and nos. 2 to 12 show arts of a quotation from Hilaire Belloc  (south to north) and Staunton Harold Hall’s owner John Blunt. (north to south).


6 Small










Our walk then took us through a field of Highland cattle which, although fierce looking, seemed remarkably docile; Jenny even spent some time chatting to one, even managing to scratch its head.  Rather her than me!





8 Small









 After a coffee break we carried on to the outskirts of Melbourne Hall estate, where we had time to ponder over the weir by the bridge over the lake.



 9 Small




 Shortly after we came across a field containing a herd of Old English Longhorns (Pics 8 and 9) which were also fierce looking but equally docile.


11 Small







After walking through the  Breedon Priory golf course, we had a short but steep climb past the Bulwarks – remains of Iron Age earthworks - and reached the high point of the walk, the summit of Breedon Hill, 400 feet above sea level.  Richard was obviously very pleased to get to the 13th century church at the top where we had our lunch stop. 


12 Small








We also found the historically significant church open to visitors and we all had a leisurely look around inspecting the tombs of the Shirley family.


7 Small









Before we set off down the hill, we took advantage of the excellent views from its west side, near the beacon. There is a  sheer drop into Breedon Quarry from here.




13 Small


















We then went down the hill into Breedon village and over a stream where we found masses of snowdrops. After that it was only a couple of miles over the fields to get back to Staunton Harold Hall.







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Walking Etiquette

At the recent AGM, different aspects of walking etiquette were raised by several people.  Just to make sure that things go smoothly in future and that we all look after each other:

1) Leaders – PLEASE don’t make walks significantly longer or harder than they are shown in the programme. If you don’t know how long or hard they are ask Phil to check them for you with Memory Map.

2) Leaders – When you stop to allow people at the back to catch up after a hard stretch PLEASE give those people a chance to rest before starting again.

3) PLEASE DON’T walk in front of the leader, unless you’ve asked first. The leader has to make sure that the slowest walkers are in sight, so can’t always go as fast as you’d like.

4) When you reach a turning point PLEASE make sure that you can see the people behind you and that they know where you’re going.  If possible the leader should post a ‘sentry’ to make sure everybody follows.

5) Similarly, when you pass through a gate in a field with animals in PLEASE DON’T leave it open, relying on people far behind to close it.  Wait, or post a sentry to look after it.

6) Finally, PLEASE be prepared to use your car when you go on the short walks.  The success of the scheme is going to rely on this.


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