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Sandon Walk

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Despite the cold and misty winter weather, 22 of us enjoyed a walk around Sandon and Milwich on Sunday 22 January 2017 led by Anne and Tony. Starting off from the car park opposite the Dog and Doublet public house, we walked up the hill to All Saints church which stands at the edge of the parkland of Sandon Hall, owned by the Earls of Harrowby since 1777.

Sandon church 220117






 There has been a church on the site, set high above the Trent Valley,  since at least 1130. The views from up here are lovely.  We then walked across Upper Park, which is the highest ground at Sandon, to reach Trentham Tower.




Trentham monument Sandon walk




 This pavilion, made from the upper part of the Belvedere stone tower from Trentham Hall, was moved here after Trentham Hall’s demolition in 1910/11. At the time, Lord Harrowby purchased it for £100 and it became known as Lord Harrowby’s Folly.  



Ed lockup Trentham monument







We were pleased to see  that It's been restored since we were here last.  We were surprised to find that there is a lock-up underneath the monument.  Ed seemed worried that he might be left there! 


Coffee break 220117






Shortly after, we had our customary coffee break  sitting on some convenient tree trunks.


13 here 9 missing - sandon 220117





Every now and again we have to stop to make sure that everyone is with us – as you can see 13 of us were waiting for the other 9. We haven’t lost anyone yet, but 10% wastage is usually reckoned to be the maximum!





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Walking is Healthy

A recent study of 250,000 commuters showed that walking 6 miles a week is good for you, cutting the riskof cancer and heart disease. See BBC Health News

Walking Etiquette

At the recent AGM, different aspects of walking etiquette were raised by several people.  Just to make sure that things go smoothly in future and that we all look after each other:

1) Leaders – PLEASE don’t make walks significantly longer or harder than they are shown in the programme. If you don’t know how long or hard they are ask Phil to check them for you with Memory Map.

2) Leaders – When you stop to allow people at the back to catch up after a hard stretch PLEASE give those people a chance to rest before starting again.

3) PLEASE DON’T walk in front of the leader, unless you’ve asked first. The leader has to make sure that the slowest walkers are in sight, so can’t always go as fast as you’d like.

4) When you reach a turning point PLEASE make sure that you can see the people behind you and that they know where you’re going.  If possible the leader should post a ‘sentry’ to make sure everybody follows.

5) Similarly, when you pass through a gate in a field with animals in PLEASE DON’T leave it open, relying on people far behind to close it.  Wait, or post a sentry to look after it.

6) Finally, PLEASE be prepared to use your car when you go on the short walks.  The success of the scheme is going to rely on this.


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